My aim is to write about 20,000 words, the typical length of a soft cover non-fiction book. That’s quite a lot of words where each adds value and furthers the learning of the reader. I’m documenting both the content of the book and the process of writing the book, should you be inspired to write about something you have knowledge of, or are passionate about and go looking for tips.

I’ve found the hardest part to be self disciple. To reach a goal of 20,000 words, it will take at minimum weeks, more likely months (if you’re talking quality) and writing day-in-day-out, it can get tedious. You come across interesting chapters or sections and you’re filled with energy and enthusiasm, however, inevitably there are “boring” sections or sections which just seem to drag on – and if you want quality you have to finish those sections so the reader has a full picture. After all, all of the sections and chapters should have a place and need to be included as they add value.

“Just Write”

Writing 20,000 words might sound like a lot, however, it’s really not. I’ve found the key is “just write”. Over thinking, procrastinating, staring at blank pages doesn’t get you anywhere. After experiencing all of those, I decided to just write. I’m expecting to write several drafts so it doesn’t need to be perfect straight away, nor is that likely. I found in the beginning that it helped get every chapter started to some degree, which was a great source of inspiration – everything is coming together. And it has continued to yield results as chapters are completed and come close to final versions.

Set Reasonable Word Goals

Setting reasonable word goals has been of help to. It can be a double edged sword, however. Setting overly ambitious word goals can bite you if you miss goals, which inevitably you will. Everyone has slow weeks. They can even have a negative affect if it become habit to miss the goal, or it was too high in the first place, so you never achieve it. Having weekly goals has proven more positive for me. Word goals can also breed mediocre, or bad writing. Just writing, can get your creative juices flowing and I’ve found once you get going new ideas form and you can hit your stride. However, arbitrary word goals encourage you to write to fill space. If you’re looking to write a book, or happen to be writing one, always add value. Every section, ideally every word, is necessary and adds value.

If you’re writing a book, or ever think to, stop by for some tips and good luck.